KA Technologies (KAT) is an indigenous private limited liability company, duly registered in Ghana under the Companies Act, 2019 (ACT 992), engaged in Manufacturing, Training, Connectivity and Technology Solutions for identifiable societal segments such as education, healthcare and agriculture, among others. We are intently focused on delivering unique value to institutions and individual users through an integrated and optimized blend of hardware and software.


To empower dreams for sustainable Learning and Development.


To be the most preffered brand for bespoke Technology in Africa and a model for the world leveraging on the best people, environment and alliances.



People - Customer - Staff - Shareholders - Partners - Suppliers: Our Community will be our greatest focus — our asset and treasure. We shall serve, respect, and value people and treat everyone with utmost respect and dignity. People shall come before profit or any other consideration. We shall promote equality and fairness for all.


We shall be creative in solving all challenges and work to deliver innovative products and services for the benefit of mankind. We will push ourselves to surmount the summit of technological challenges peculiar to Africa. We shall be world-class, yet locally relevant


We shall work with others to do more rather than work alone to deliver less. We shall celebrate diversity of ideas, competencies and skills to deliver greater value for all through collaboration, partnership, and alliances locally and globally.


We shall focus on promotion of sustainability through ethical consideration for short and long term impact of our activities and those of our partners and stakeholders on the environment, value system, and humanity as a responsible corporation.

Our commitment is to produce high-quality, value-based digital products and solutions with beneficial impacts on identifiable societal segment. We work with local and global partners to deliver value-based experience that empowers everyday dreams of everyday people with a strong focus on Africa.



KA Technologies