Why KATon?

The intent and focus of KA Technologies (KAT) is the delivery of the technology and resources that empowers every teacher and student to fulfil everyday dream of better learning, innovating and creating a desirable future. KATon is crafted as a bundle of transformational experiential package designed to boost the performance and welfare of students and teachers.

We work closely with stakeholders in the educational sector to understand the unique local challenges in the educational system and proffer pragmatic solution leveraging on the technological and innovative prowess of KAT.

KATon is a composite offering of digital tools such as laptops/tablets and connectivity, virtual and in-class collaborative learning leveraging on digital content distribution of educational materials, and learning management platforms, hands-on bespoke training and re-training to enhance capacity, and upskill IT manpower development. Also included are a bundle of lifestyle Packages such as insurance, data and airtime, and loyalty programs among others.

KA Technologies

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KA Technologies